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Top :: PHPFox Addons for 3.x :: Bling (For Phpfox v3.x.x)
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Bling (For Phpfox v3.x.x)


The most feature-packed addition yet to our PHPFox mods, we would like to present RAEL Bling. We really have gone all out on this one, creating a fully bespoke graphics editor which is 100% unique to Phpfox and this product and which lets your users create custom Bling to show off on their profiles, as well as gifting it to others or allowing other users to take it directly from their profile pages.

[ Screenshot 1 (graphics editor #1) ]
[ Screenshot 2 (graphics editor #2) ]
[ Screenshot 3 (graphics editor #3) ]
[ Screenshot 4 (bling main page) ]
[ Screenshot 5 (my bling) ]
[ Screenshot 6 (my profile bling) ]
[ Screenshot 7 (profile block) ]
[ Screenshot 8 (profile bling tab) ]
[ Screenshot 9 (view single bling) ]
[ Screenshot 10 (AJAX viewer) ]
[ Screenshot 11 (feed) ]

Using the latest in-browser graphics technology made possible with HTML5, you can say goodbye to clunky flash editors as users can now users can make awesome in-browser graphics without any plugins whatsoever and which will keep them logged in for hours at a time trying to create the best Bling to show off on your site!

The Editor:
- A cutting edge in-browser graphics editor featuring an intuitive toolbar that anyone can use
- Quickly select and manipulate the size/rotation of objects or groups with ease directly on the canvas
- Photoshop-like layers system. Quickly select, clone or delete layers and change the order of display
- Supports saving and loading of Bling within the editor, load any Blings right back into the canvas
- Supports keyboard shortcuts (delete/up/down/left/right) for quick deletion and accurate movement of objects

Editor - Adding Images:
- Upload any number of images to the canvas
- Resize or change the rotation of images
- Apply a range of image filters such as greyscale, noise, brightness and transparency

Editor - Adding Text:
- Choose from over 90 fonts to create any text for their Bling.
- Change the size, color, line height and font of the text with a few mouse clicks
- Change the transparency of the text
- Add a border to the text with sizing and color options
- Add a drop shadow to the text with custom positioning and blur options

Editor - Creating Shapes:
- Add Circles, Triangles, Squares and Lines to the canvas
- Quickly and easily change the size or orientation of the shapes
- Add custom borders and change the transparency of any shape

Editor - Free-Draw:
- Select to free draw on the canvas
- Change the size and color of the brush

And the rest:
- View all the Bling uploaded to the site by date or popularity
- View top Bling makers, top gifters and worst leechers (last one is optional)
- Custom Bling AJAX viewer allows full size Bling and comments link to be viewed directly with a single click
- My Bling section allows users to easily manage their created Bling and load Bling's for editing in an instant
- Bling Gifts and Takes can be viewed easily and selected to be displayed on user profiles
- My Profile Bling, users can drag and drop their Bling into the order they will be displayed
- Users can take Bling (privacy setting based) from profile pages
- Optional block on user profiles to show users top Bling
- Bling creation is added to the activity feed
- Feed and individual Bling's both support Likes and Comments
- Fully multi-language compatible
- No core file edits!

Admin features:
- Range of product settings to allow you to make this product fit perfectly to your site
- A number of user-group settings to limit access to features and encourage subscriptions

You can see a demo of the user-side of this add-on in action at the following URL (please contact us for an admin-side demo):


User #1: test1@raelphpfoxmods.com
Password: testpw

User #2: test2@raelphpfoxmods.com
Password: testpw

Note: This product requires your users to be using a browser verson which supports HTML canvas element to create Bling. All the current generation of major browsers support this (IE9, Chrome, Firefox etc), and if a user does not have the right browser they will be redirected to a page explaining that they need to upgrade.

We hope you enjoy our latest release as much as we enjoyed making it and please do not hesitate to contact us via email at sales@raelphpfoxmods.com if you have any specific questions regarding this product.
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